Using E Cigarettes To Quit Smoking

October 1st, 2013

Electronic cigarettes have turned to out to be the efficient tools for killing smoking addictions since unlike medication and gums, the nicotine contained in the devices gratifies users craving within seconds, as seen in the green smoke reviews.  This enables users to acquire satisfaction within a short while since they do not really have to take many puffs as the case with traditional cigarettes.  Smokeless cigarettes consciously induce the user to keep on smoking but through a safer device. Therefore, while other means employed to aid in quitting smoking have failed continuously, electronic cigarettes have employed an approach that conforms to the needs of the smokers.

When it comes to the financial expenditure of a regular smoker, it is a costly venture. Keeping in mind that upon addition, smoking becomes an essential, users are forced to smoke persistently.  Purchasing a pack of cigarettes becomes the daily routine for regular smokers. On average, a smoker can spend roughly $5 on cigarettes each day. In a month this is equivalent to about $ 150. The total cost of the electronic device is $50 and it will cost smokers $8 to refill the cartridge.  This is a technique that will enable smokers to cut down on their smoking budget and hence save some money that can be invested in other ventures.

As with the case in the world of business, the existence of a market niche has always triggered the production of counterfeit products. A number of manufactures are distributing e-cigarettes that are substandard. Therefore, users are encouraged to approach dealers with caution and with rigor. Only buy from manufacturers who are licensed. If you come across brands that are being sold at a price half the original one in the market, be very doubtful about the authenticity of the product. Be very vigilant as these fake products are much worse than even the ordinary cigarettes, and want the best electronic cigarettes only.

The legal perception is very lucid since electronic cigarettes have not been prohibited in most countries.  The WHO has recommended these types of cigarettes since they are safer than ordinary cigarettes.

Importance Of Electronic Cigarettes

June 12th, 2013

Electronic cigarettes as the name sounds can only function well with a powered battery. They were introduced as an alternative to the tobacco cigarettes which due to the poisonous toxins has claimed so many lives in the world. Lung cancer is now the most common complication that has arisen from tobacco smoking.  The manufacturers of the E cigarettes have all the control to ensure that the level of toxins are reduced making them harmless to the users. Though they were recently discovered, they have been of great help to many people. You can get electronic cigarette reviews by – your trusted electric cigarette source.

Here are some of the advantages of using the best e cig brands – the new alternative.

  1. Using electronic cigarettes is less harmful than tobacco smoking because these cigarettes do not contain harmful substances like hydrogen cyanide which contaminates the lungs and make them swell. These cigarettes lack this poisonous substance and therefore the user is free from the lung infections and it also makes the breathing easier.
  2. Once the tobacco smokers switch to this form of cigarettes, there will be a reduction in persistence cough since the toxins in the cigarettes will remove the build up mucus behind the throat and this will automatically stop the coughing.
  3. The sense of smell will be restored. It is a well known fact that tobacco smokers have lost this special sense of smell and taste. Once they switch to this form of cigarettes, they will be able to get back to life since they can smell and taste delicious foods.
  4. Smoking electronic cigarettes is not a health hazard even to the environment and to those around you since it does not have any toxins. In this case there is no risk in inhaling the smoke.
  5. Smoking electronic cigarettes ensures that there is free circulation of blood in the body since they do not produce poisonous substances like carbon monoxide that normally pose a major  risk  to the health of the users.
  6. It reduces the cases of inconveniences because the user does not need to go out even when in the social gathering since they do not produce smoke and moreover they will not affect the others.
  7. With the use of electronic cigarettes, be assured that no smoke or smell will be produced since they do not have the toxins that lead to this effect.

Electronic cigarettes therefore have an added advantage and can save even on your financial life since a whole packet of cartridges will last you for a longer duration of time.  Researchers have proposed that compared to the tobacco, this form is harmless and could possibly reduce the risks of complications that have been experienced by cigarette smokers in the past. However the disturbing issue is that electronic cigarettes do not solve completely the risks involved with smokers since they still inhale the nicotine. Researchers are also not fully aware of the long term effects   that can arise as a result of dependence on these cigarettes.

Though these form of cigarettes are slowly gaining popularity, it remains disputable that not everyone can afford them since they are slightly expensive than the regular cigarettes.  It is also true that most of these products can be purchased online and not everyone has the opportunity to know more about the same unless they are internet reliant. Electronic cigarettes have an appealing title and can send signals to the teenagers who have no idea

of the possible risks they can face after. These cigarettes were brought in as an alternative to the tobacco smokers this means those who are already in the ‘system’  and not to the people who want venture in  smoking and this means that much guidance is needed in all the institutions to ensure that students are fully aware of the risks they are getting into. The social media has been on the fore front in sensitizing people on the effects of smoking.

Scientists and medical researchers have also cited that peer pressure is among the main causes that lead to addiction in smoking and therefore parental guidance is important at every stage of life to ensure that everyone is working towards a smoking free future that will lead to healthy citizens.  There are various types of electronic cigarettes and for more information, one can check on the official website where they also give the prices and the manufacturers. The only good thing is that electronic cigarettes are posing as the urgent remedy to tobacco smokers with a view of reducing the risks of tobacco.

Double Diagnosis: Combating substance abuse addiction and psychological health problem

April 5th, 2013

The dual diagnosis problem comes about when an individual is struggling with alcohol or any other drugs in addition to a fundamental mental condition. A lot of drug users actually suffer from psychological conditions on top of drug addictions thus making it essential to tackle both issues in order for the treatment method is efficient. Typical mental conditions that often accompany alcohol and other drug addictions include: bipolar disorder, depressive disorders, schizophrenia, panic and personality disorders; something marijuana does not help with.

Sometimes, the psychological health problem may occur first thereby making the individual to start taking drugs to control it. A few alcoholics attempt to use drugs to suppress the problem temporarily. However, drug addiction can come first; thus, leading to progression of psychological and psychological problems in the future.

The occurrence of dual diagnosis is more common than any one can visualize only that a lot of cases emerge unseen. According to analysis published by the Journal of the US Medical Association, 53% of drug abusers and 37% of alcohol users suffer from at least one serious psychological health problems. The report additionally revealed that 29% of all psychologically sick persons use alcohol or drugs.

Outcomes of taking alcohol or drugs when you’ve mental problem
There are a number of harsh consequences that can result from using drugs when you are mentally sick. Addicts struggling with concurrent dependency problem have statistically excessive propensity for medication noncompliance, violence and more resistance to treatment than sufferers suffering from either mental illness or drug addiction. The issues going through these individuals do expand to friends, co-workers and family members of the addicts.

Clinically, people struggling with dual diagnosis are more vulnerable to multiple slips back specially when addicts don’t get specialized assistance. However, the abusers may also keep working in and out of hospitals to get drug addiction care but with limited success. Many of these patients also suffer from a disorder known as tardive dyskinesia (TD) and different physical illnesses as compared to people who’re struggling with either psychological or addiction problem. The patients are also prone to more happenings of psychosis. Moreover, physicians often fail to identify presence of drug addiction dysfunctions and emotional issues specifically in mature adults.

Socially, abusers suffering from intellectual ailments are more vulnerable to concurring diseases brought on by the `downward drift’. The abusers are usually drawn to be living in the marginal locations where harmful drugs can be easily acquired; for example alaska adolescent substance abuse. The addicts avoid their previous firm and acquire new colleagues. Similar addicts really have problem starting new companionship. They only find it simple to establish new association among people whose social routines are simply anchored on drug use. Many people are persuaded that determining with people dependent on drugs are more acceptable than figuring out with subconscious sufferers.
Dual diagnosis people are also more likely to be jailed or destitute. It is predicted that 40% of destitute adults undergo serious mental health problem with contingency substance abuse problem. Furthermore, 16% of jail and offender inmates are estimated to be suffering from extreme psychological and addiction problem. It is also forecasted that 72% of psychologically sick detainees also suffer from substance abuse disorder.