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[5 Types of Necklaces You Should Know About]

Jul 2017

5 Types of Necklaces You Should Know About

When you’re all dolled up for any occasion, giving yourself a complete look comes from accessories. Accessories add flavor to the clothes and shoes you have carefully assimilated. Out of all the accessories, the most basic and most evident one is necklace. While this is one of the accessories, there are a lot many types of it. If you are a necklace person, or intend to become one, you should be educated about the 5 most popular types!

  1. Pendant necklace

Starting off with these darlings, if you want to keep it simple, basic, evident in a subtle way, these are your thing! Pendant necklaces make your collar bones more noticeable. So, if you have enviable collar bones and want to flaunt them, you wear pendant necklaces and rightly do so. There’s normally a delicate chain that the pendants hang from. These pendants are of different types based on people’s varying tastes. They can be raw stones, or nicely cut patterns from metals.

  1. Tassel necklace

Tassel necklaces add a bohemian edge to your personality. You can wear them with casual tops and shirts and have a complete boho-chick look. These give you a nice futuristic look. With all of that description, tassel necklaces touch so many adjectives that to wrap up, it would be fair to say they are perfect for a casual and easy day!

  1. Multi-layered chain necklace

If you are the kind of person who gets confused if choker or those long necklaces are your thing, go for multilayered ones! Since these are preferred to be metallic, you should team them with dull colored clothes that make them shine! With multilayered chain necklaces, you are neither being way too minimalistic nor overdoing.

  1. Bib necklace

Bib necklaces are layered too, but differently from multilayered chain necklaces. These have a packed layer of beads or whatever material has been used. You can settle down with these when you decide to wear a strapless dress to a party! Since they emphasize the collar bone area, let them be the show stopper and keep everything else around your neckline very simple.

  1. Choker necklace

These are throwback to the 90s. While this made an epic trend back then, its comeback has taken the choker game to another level. Whether it’s a model or a normal girl, everyone adores chokers. They are really simple and yet never fail to give a bold look.

While these are the most popular trends in necklaces, there are more of them if you plan to dig deeper. You can visit to find pretty necklaces with great reviews and the best prizes at which you can get bedazzling jewelry even other than necklaces.



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