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[Never miss game day, ever again]

Never miss game day, ever again
Sep 2017

Never miss game day, ever again

One of the world’s most famous ball sports with probably one of the world’s biggest following in terms of fans, football. It’s arguably true that football fans are some of the most diehard fans out there, in any form of sport. They even form groups or clubs just to show support for their favourite teams. That is why these people never ever really miss game day… most of the time.

If in any case, you will miss game day, for whatever reason you may have, be it due to work or some other important matter, don’t worry since there is an app that may be able to save you from going crazy not being able to watch the game. This app might just have been developed by football fans who share the same sentiments as the users. Hence they created an app that lets you get updates from Bundesliga live through your phone. You now don’t need to worry about your friends posting annoying updates about the game through social media.

bundesliga live

By fans, for fans.

True fans help each other out. This might just be the case as to why the app was developed in the first place, football fans who just happen to be also app developers, stuck inside the office and missing the games. Possible theory but there might just be some truth to it. The creators of the app let you have real time updates during game day as well as other interesting content which will definitely keep you entertained.

Keep yourself in the loop

Not only does this app keep you up to date with the scores of the game, it also keep you up to date with your favourite teams and what they’re currently up to via push notification on your phone. This way, you get to be updated with every juicy detail and new news that concerns your favourite club.

Get to know the stars a little bit more

This is what a true diehard fan is all about, getting to know their favourite teams and players on a near personal level, well not really that personal but you know, just enough to be in the loop. Be updated with their latest interviews as well as daily stories (is it a vlog?) and videos and stats about the games.

This app surely is a blessing to any Bundesliga fan out there who is currently suck with responsibilities and priorities in which they cannot escape from. Keep yourself updated about almost everything you need to know about your favourite club as well as of course, game day.


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