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[The right time for a detox]

Jul 2017

The right time for a detox

The first benzodiazepine was actually marketed sometime in the late 1950s and the early 60s. They were in fact introduced as an effective and efficient alternative to barbiturates, especially for effective treatment in the short term. By the 80s the benzodiazepine market was well worth billions of dollars. The estimates were staggering in terms of consumption of this drug, so much so that the statistics describing the dependency levels better be left alone lest they turn out to be really shocking. There have been certain guidelines that have been laid down when it comes for Good practice in terms of benzodiazepine prescription habits by doctors so much so that it is suggested to use alternatives as much as possible so as to minimize the risk of any sort of dependence. Despite all these control measures in place, individuals still do manage to get themselves addicted to some or the other benzos. In fact of late this number is actually on the rise. When considering the aspect of commercialization, it would be more apt for one to have some knowledge about oneself and what one is getting into, for instance, it wouldn’t hurt to understand the basics pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics especially of those drugs that you have been prescribed to, this is especially true in the case of benzos. This not only creates awareness about the effects, but also gives an idea as to what could possibly be the outcome if a person tends to consume increasing amounts of the drug for prolonged periods of time. In case a person does, then sooner or later he or she is bound to undergo Benzodiazepine Detox.

When to consider starting a detox

The very first and the most important step is to recognize and then gradually prevent benzodiazepine dependence. A typical candidate would be the one who has been taking this drug for a period of more than 4 weeks and such a person would definitely have withdrawal symptoms hence, gradual weaning is recommended to prevent any untoward development. The key factors that indicate a need for benzodiazepines Detox include users with a history of long term use, dependency on frequent prescriptions, frequent relapses while attempting to cut down or altogether stop drug use, severe anxiety levels, users with a long history of benzodiazepine usage along with other substances like alcohol or other higher class of drugs. These are the ones who need to be pulled out of such habits. Unfortunately, a sad plight is that no matter what is done, the number of long term users (or abusers) of this drug is still high and it seems that it will continue with the upward trend, given the kind of times that are prevalent and the times that are yet to come.

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