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[Top 5 Big Launches at Google I/O 2017]

May 2017

Top 5 Big Launches at Google I/O 2017

Google’s annual developer conference came up with some new, awesome practical AI applications where the future of machine learning and artificial intelligence were unveiled.

San Francisco, California: This year Google held its developer annual conference in their Mountain View headquarters where the company showed off some of their best upgrades and practical applications of artificial intelligence. Though there wasn’t anything entirely new this time, Google has really worked hard to upgrade their pre-released personal assistant, cloud computing, and Artificial Intelligence.

Google I/O 2017, however, didn’t fail to amaze the tech savvies and came up with 5 stunning, innovative ideas for their AI update. Here’s a list of a few of Google’s I/O launches.

  1. Google Lens

It will be a while before users can enjoy this advanced level of Artificial Intelligence, but it has already succeeded in getting the attention of all techies. Google Lens comes as a smartphone application that can recognize objects or images from the user’s phone camera in real-time. If someone points their smartphone camera on a flower, Google Lens will simply tell them the details of the flower.

It can also detect Wi-Fi passwords and automatically redirect to the user’s Wi-Fi connectivity, thereby connecting their phone or other devices to the Wi-Fi network. It doesn’t just stop with that, it has a dozen other uses, like getting instant restaurant reviews, scan a text in different language to get it translated to the desired language, and even find the menu of a delicacy with the given picture. Though the official release date for Google Lens is still unknown, people have already started to anticipate its release.

  1. A standalone headset for Daydream

Google’s budget VR headset Daydream faced some design issues; while users all over reported that they were feeling uncomfortable wearing the device. The model came more or like a cardboard box with a slot where you can slip in the smartphone. More and more smartphone manufacturers have come up with new, advanced versions of VR headsets and Google has at last decided to launch its own upgrade.

Two standalone Daydreams headsets are planned and they have planned to partner with HTC who are already into producing high-end Vive VR models. Google has also planned to use location tracking technology to enable location based VR gaming. Along with this VR, Google also has planes to test out their augmented reality tech gadgets.

  1. Advanced photo optimization tools

Google’s Photo app isn’t going to be the same anymore. With 500 million users and the numbers growing each day, Google has started to use machine learning to sort through its users’ pictures. But they are ready to take up the next step with their Photo app. Google photo will soon start using face recognition and even start a shared library. The software will recognize the faces and group them under different names. They can also be shared by two or more users at the same time.

  1. Visual Positioning System – VPS

Although, GPS has advanced greatly it couldn’t address the issue of accuracy. Google has planned a new accurate positioning model called the VPS – Virtual Positioning System that uses a 3D visualization technology called Tango. It can recognize objects and obstacles around a user and give them the accurate location, even upto a few centimeters.

  1. An advanced Google Home

Google’s standalone assistant, Google Home has also got its own share of updates. It enables new calling options and also comes with a voice recognition that enables different users to connect or make calls using the same home network. Google has also planned to bring its applications to the iPhone platform, thereby exploring new possibilities.


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