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[White opal jewellery is a lasting trend]

Jul 2017

White opal jewellery is a lasting trend

Opal is a gem in itself, literally and figuratively. It has such versatility that you can own a different stone for a different occasion. Go for white, black, colored, or colorless. While the colored opal displays a sea of colors in your jewellery, white opal can bring in a subtle, sophisticated and almost serene look. No wonder, that the latest trend is white opal jewellery, from necklaces, to bracelets to rings. In fact, the Telegraph UK in its article on the year’s trends list a bracelet with a white opal as a popular design.

The range of white opal jewellery

These opals are also called as milky opal as they have a milky white color. The opals may have slight differences based on where they are mined from. What is a distinguishing feature about a white opal is that they can exhibit any hue of the spectrum beautifully.

White opal jewellery can also be less expensive than other opal jewellery because white opal tends to be the least valuable. Hence these pieces are extremely affordable. Also, they are plentiful and thus available as they are more common. Look for partially translucent white opal as they have more clarity and color vibrancy.

Chain necklaces in sterling silver and white opal almost look surreal and divine. You can buy a set comprising chain necklace and matching ear rings. You get various options in terms of the shape of the stone, oval, round or square.

Another beautiful opal jewellery to own is white opal bracelet. They not only serve as a beautiful piece on your wrist but also are ideal to wear for work or pleasure. You also get adjustable bracelets and you do not have to wear about your right size.

White opal rings are also among the latest obsession. Sterling silver rings with the majestic yet serene white opal fixed on it gives them an ethereal look. These rings look not only beautiful but when you look at the white opal rings, you will feel that you are gazing into endless space. It just calms you down and brings to you a sense of harmony within you. That is the magic of white opal.

The only thing you need to note is that opal being fragile, may not last if you do not take good care of it. But the jewellery pieces made from opal are crafted with care and are moulded in such a manner that they sit pretty strong and will stay with you for long. All you need to do is when it comes to white opal jewellery that you maintain it well and store them in a nice jewellery box without having to twist or fold it.




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