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[Why You Should Adopt Pets From Animal Shelter]

animal shelter
Jun 2017

Why You Should Adopt Pets From Animal Shelter

Are you planning to add a pet to your family? Then consider adopting a pet from an animal shelter. Many animals, like cats, dogs, bunnies, and more are left unattended and have to lead a miserable life at animal shelters. Adopting a pet from these shelters will be a great choice because you get to save the life of an animal and also play a major part in animal welfare.

Here are a few reasons why you should be adopting a pet from an animal shelter:

You ultimately save lives

Every year, around 2.7 million dogs and cats are left in shelters and when people don’t come up for adopting them, the United States government has no other way but to euthanize them. All these animals in the shelter aren’t aggressive or stray ones; most of them are lost, given up, or even abandoned by their previous owners. These animals deserve a second chance and by adopting them, you actually give them a new loving family.

You help stop cruelty against animals

animal shelter sales

Pets and animals reproduce greatly and there aren’t enough homes for them. Some breeds of cats and dogs are commercially bred by breeders for turning it into business. These backyard breeders and pet-breeding facilities have animals in captivation and produce millions of pet for selling them to customers. These animals are held captive throughout their lives and when they can’t breed anymore, they are abandoned. If people start adopting shelter animals, breeding would greatly go down, and cruelty to animals will stop.

You get to adopt an adult pet

Most animal rescue facilities and pet shelters are full of young, energetic, and happy pets waiting to be adopted by someone. Most shelter pets are already trained and are very happy to go home with a human friend. They are usually put up in shelters or given up by people because their owners move out, get divorced, or any other personal reasons. These pets behave well because they are already trained and give you a good time having them.

It’ll cost you very less

Usually when you go for adopting a shelter animal, the animals in the shelter would have already got their vaccination doses, and even spayed or neutered. Even if you were to do that for yourselves the animal shelter will arrange it for you for a much lower cost. This will save a lot of money that goes into vaccination and other initial medical health checkups associated with adopting a pet. Sometimes the animal shelters or rescue facilities give up fully vaccinated and neutered/spayed for adoption, entirely for free. If you can’t afford for a pet’s medical evaluation, you can probably adopt them for free.

Adoption helps more than just one animal

Many animal shelters are overburdened and get millions or stray, lost, or even abused animals. By adopting one of them you actually make room for other animals and give life to a new one. Also the cost of your adoption goes directly to the welfare of the other animals in the shelter. By adopting a sheltered animal you also give out a helping hand to the community that runs animal shelters and encourage them to carry on with their selfless service.

You encourage others to adopt from shelters

When you friends and neighbors get to know about how you adopted a rescue animal or an abandoned pet from an animal shelter, it would be a motivation factor for them to do the same. You can also take a few people with you while visiting an animal shelter and you ultimately end up giving opportunities for more animals to get adopted.


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